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No two clients are alike. Each of them has their own pain points, their own needs, and their own unique abilities. At the same time, “Not All CPA’s are Alike” either….this isn’t simply a tag line for us. We’re a client driven organization whose only focus is on helping our clients prosper -whether it is streamlining processes, acting as a virtual CFO, or simply being available for guidance, our focus is truly on the client. Small businesses located in The Caldwell’s have a unique advantage – you are geographically positioned in such a way that you have two main thoroughfares that intersect in the middle of your town, and you are within a stone’s throw of many of the largest interstates in New Jersey.

Small business owners are usually are usually very good at what they do and extremely knowledgeable about whatever product or service they sell. But, when you where many hats, something has to give – often, that “give is managing the finances of their businesses. Most small business owner’s struggle with at least one of following – paperwork, keeping their books, and making financial decisions. Often, they struggle with all three. We pride ourselves in helping our clients navigate successfully through these areas.

Being a full service CPA firm to the small business owner is complex. Like the small business owner, we wear many hats for our clients:

  • We often set up their books and records and either maintain them for the client or teach the small business owner how to maintain those records themselves.
  • Most small businesses have little or no systems and often operate by the seat of their pants. While you may still make money this way, you are by no means, maximizing your profits. Systems save money.
  • Having the proper information in order to make sound financial decisions is key for any business. We talk to our owners, find out what information they need to help them run their business – and then design reports that detail that information in an easily readable format.
  • Establishing financial goals and budgets for the business and helping the business owner be accountable for those goals.
  • Helping the small business owner obtain financing with a lender in the Caldwell area.
  • Profitability Consultant – every business spends money unnecessarily. It’s just a fact of life. We look for those profit “leaks” and help you plug them. At a minimum, we at least identify them for you so that if you decide if they are “necessary”, you are conscious of the fact that you are spending the money, and you have quantified the expected return on that expenditure.
  • Tax compliance – making sure all taxes are filed accurately and on a timely basis
  • Strategic Tax Planning – making sure the small business owner pays the least amount of tax allowed by law with an ongoing plan aimed at maximizing future tax savings.

At the end of the day, we strive to be your virtual CFO. Our mission is to help you by:

  • Streamlining your accounting so that you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.
  • Giving you the information, reports, and resources, you need to make decisions that will maximize your profitability
  • Being a trusted advisor, confident, and sometimes amateur psychologist as you struggle with the day to day adventures of your business.

Every small business owner needs someone to turn to. Someone to bounce ideas off. Someone to commiserate with, who knows and understands the struggles they face every day. We’ve dealt with hundreds of small business owners in Caldwell, New Jersey, and across the country. We are also small business owners, so we understand the issues you face. We “get” your pain. We know what works for small business owners and what doesn’t, and are here to help guide you towards success.

Not All CPA’s are Alike. Most CPA firms concentrate on preparing a tax return for you. Very little, if any, thought goes into helping you run your business more efficiently and profitably. Our focus is on your needs. If this sounds like something other than what you are currently getting from your accountants, we invite you to see how the other side lives – we invite you to find out what “Not All CPA’s are Alike” really means and what difference it can make in your business. Call us at (973) 276-0833 and change the course of your business.

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