OK, So What is a Certified Tax Coach? …and Why Do I need One?

Good question! So, consider this – the U.S. tax code is over 67,000 pages long and there are over 1,500 different tax forms that may or may not, need to be a part of your tax return. There are over 1 million professional tax preparers in the United States. Most of these 1 million professional tax preparers are “number crunchers” who serve individuals and business owners and try to take that responsibility and sense of being overwhelmed away from these individuals and business owners.

Certified Tax Coaches are tax professionals with advanced training in proactive tax planning, who specialize in finding deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies to help their clients pay less tax. This elite network of tax professionals includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs), and attorneys. There are fewer than 700 of these skilled professionals in 50 states who have achieved this specialized designation.

So, what makes a Certified Tax Coach different? Certified Tax Coaches undergo extensive training to achieve the designation as a Certified Tax Coach. That training, through the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners, encompasses training in specific tax planning strategies to reduce tax liabilities for our clients. The training is ongoing as the tax law evolves and is always focused on completely legal, court certified strategies aimed at reducing taxes. These strategies are focused on business owners as well as high net worth and high income earners, but many of the strategies can, in certain situations, be applied to other taxpayers as well. Certified Tax Coaches proactively focus on year-round strategic planning methods and capitalize on the wealth of tax saving opportunities in the US Tax Code.

If you think online tax software will get you the best refund, think again. You’re in danger of overpaying unless a real live Certified Tax Coach makes a plan to reduce your liabilities early on and then expertly prepares your tax return. Don’t take risks with your tax return, turn to Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPA’s, PC for proactive tax planning strategies combined with tax preparation services you can trust. We understand the pain of high taxes and are dedicated to finding relief for every client.

We’re different than the average CPA firm because we are Certified Tax Coaches, so our main focus is helping taxpayers reduce tax obligations and preserve wealth. To us, tax preparation is about more than compliance, it’s about saving you real money on your taxes. We’re specially trained to find significant tax savings, not just complete your tax form. We use powerful tax planning techniques throughout the year to minimize state and federal taxes and increase your after-tax income at year-end.

Strategic Tax Planning to Reduce Taxes

Are you tired of getting bad news at tax time? If you’re getting crushed on taxes, you need hard-hitting tax strategies to reduce your taxes and preserve wealth. At Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPA’s PC, we have a unique set of skills and experience as a Certified Tax Coaches so we find tax loopholes that bring our clients big savings at year-end. When you work with us, we’ll create a game plan to legally and effectively minimize your tax obligations so you can pay less in taxes and keep more of your income.

Tax planning must be proactive rather than reactive. As your Tax Coach, we set tax reduction strategies into motion throughout the year to manage liabilities and bring tax savings at year end. Some CPAs and accountants only contact clients once a year but we’ll keep in touch with you to guide you through financial decisions that could incur tax consequences and avoid any surprises at tax time.

When changes in the tax regulations translate into savings for our clients, we’re on it. We scour the tax code to find every deduction, break, and incentive to legally reduce taxes and bring higher tax savings to our clients. We’re constantly on the lookout for any revisions to federal or state tax legislation so you can be confident that you’ll never overpay.

Tax Reduction Strategies

When successful small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve a certain level of success they get hit with high taxes that threaten business growth and personal prosperity. At Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPA’s, PC, we understand your pain and have solutions that will stop your money from going down the drain. Our CPA firm is dedicated to helping business owners significantly reduce taxes and create wealth through proactive tax planning. Our methods are highly effective and save our clients thousands of dollars each year on taxes. We can do the same for you.

We’ve developed an expertise for strategic tax planning as a Certified Tax Coach with the American Institute of Tax Planners. The unique training gives us the process to save you a ton of money on taxes by identifying hidden deductions, tax credits, and tax loopholes. Instead of fighting the system, we leverage the tax code to your advantage by legally and ethically reducing tax obligations to put more money in your pocket. The holistic approach we use involves analyzing your whole financial picture including past tax returns, business objectives, and investment goals to pinpoint which tax strategies will save you the most money on taxes. We then design a complete plan that will limit taxes on your income and maximize profits for your business. We’ll fine-tune this plan as tax laws change to limit tax exposure and improve revenues. With us at your side, you’ll capitalize on every tax break available and will avoid paying one dollar more than the IRS or state requires.

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