Did You Know???


77% of all business owners are overpaying on their taxes.


88% of new businesses fail within the first three years.


90% of all Americans don’t have enough to retire on and rely on Social Security.


99% of Stephen P Gunby’s clients avoid these other 3 statistics.

Building For Your Future


Many small business owners have a vision but do not have the resources or financial know-how to achieve those goals. At Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPAs, we help you find the right path and help keep you on that path to achieve your goals. This is done by understanding your business, then designing a well setup accounting system for you. After, we either train you to maintain that system or, if you prefer, maintain it for you.


We help ensure that your books are properly setup and maintained so that your financial information is always current and accurate. By standardizing your accounting, we help you have real-time knowledge of your cash flow position as well as your profitability.


It’s impossible to properly run your business without a clear financial picture. A properly maintained set of books provides the basis to determine things such as:

  • Profitability
  • Expense Leaks
  • Projections
  • Optimizing Cash Flow
  • Budgets


At Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPAs we are focused on helping you streamline your business, maximize profitability, increase cash flow, and ultimately improving the quality of your life. As small business owners, we are all pursuing the American Dream, and we understand the commitment, long hours required, and sacrifices that every small business owner makes. But, at Stephen P. Gunby & Associates, CPAs we don’t believe that your business has to control your life. We work with you to structure your business to allow you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

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