What Should You Bring to Have Your Tax Return Prepared?

February 22, 2019

*** Items to Bring to Your Tax Preparer ***

Following is a list of the more common items you should bring with you when you meet with us to prepare your 2018 Personal Income Tax Returns:

  • NEW CLIENTS ONLY – a full copy, Federal and ALL States of your 2017 tax returns.
  • Copies of your Driver’s Licenses – if married, please provide licenses for both spouses.
  • If you are a new client...or...you had a new child, we will need the Social Security Numbers and date of birth for everyone.
  • Wage statements (Form W-2)
  • 1099’s for Interest or Dividends received on bank accounts or on brokerage accounts.
  • Info regarding any State income tax refund you received.
  • Pension, or retirement income (Forms 1099-R)
  • Broker statements detailing Information on the sales of stocks and/or bonds.
  • Social Security income (Form SSA-1099)
  • Unemployment income (Form 1099-G) – note, in New Jersey this must now be downloaded directly from their website. They no longer mail out the form.
  • K-1’s from any Partnerships, S-Corps or Trusts.
  • Income and expenses from rentals – please provide detail on property by property basis.
  • Self-employed business income and expenses (include any Forms 1099-MISC received as well as a summary of your expenses). A QuickBooks file, or similar electronic set of books and records is perfectly acceptable.
  • Lottery and/or gambling winnings and losses (Form 1099-G)
  • Out pocket medical and dental expenses – a list or summary is sufficient. We generally do not need or want your actual receipts.
  • Real estate and personal property taxes – in NJ, they mail you out a postcard in January.
  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid (Form 1098)
  • A listing of all cash and non-cash charitable donations.
  • Information on education expenses (Form 1098-T) – often, this form must be downloaded from the institutions website.
  • Form to verify health insurance coverage (Form 1095)
  • Record of purchase or sale of real estate (please include HUD-1 statements)
  • Estimated taxes – please provide date, payee, check #, and amount.
  • Child care expenses and provider information. You will need the address and either their EIN or Social Security number.
  • And any other items that you think may be necessary for your taxes. Generally, a good rule of thumb is if you are not sure if you need a document - bring it. If we don’t need it, we can send it home with you. Too much information is never bad.