Where’s My Refund??

February 27, 2019

So throughout the year, we get calls from our clients asking us to check on their refund – “where’s my refund” is a familiar refrain. In general, any taxpayer can check the status of their own refund without our help. Below are instructions for the IRS, the State of New Jersey and for the New York – almost every jurisdiction has a similar function on their website.

General Guidelines:
When you are ready to check, please have the appropriate tax return in hand. They will ask you some (or all) of the following questions:

  • Your Social Security Number (this will generally be the “taxpayers” social security number on the return – as opposed to the “spouses” social security number).
  • Filing Status.
  • Total or Taxable Income – the jurisdiction will - in most instances, tell you which line number to reference on your return for this number.
  • The refund amount you are expecting.

With this information, you can find out “where my refund is” by going to the links below:


Important Caveats:

  • Because of the government shutdown, the IRS has announced that they will begin processing tax returns on January 28th. However, they have announced that taxpayers should expect a three (3) week wait for refunds from returns that are electronically filed and a six (6) week wait for returns filed via mail.
  • The State of New Jersey has already announced that they will not be processing refunds until March 1st. This will back up everybody’s refunds.

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